Friday, November 23, 2012

Doing Stuff on my Bucketlist (If I had One)

Yesterday, I crossed an item off my bucket list (if one exists, which I won't confirm or deny that one exists). I had turducken. For those of you who didn't grow up in the 90s/00s watching Pat Summerall and John Madden do football broadcasts on Thanksgiving, a turducken is when you stuff a chicken inside a duck and then you stuff all of that and stuff it into a turkey.

My friend Ashley (who I solely know off of twitter) invited me up to Baltimore for Thanksgiving dinner, this is the second year of her tradition of inviting people in the area for turducken. We're not sure who is crazier, her for inviting an internet stranger to her house or me for going to Baltimore to a houseful of internet strangers who could've been gang or KKK members.

Traveling from Germantown to Baltimore without a car wasn't that hard. I spent less than $7 to use mass transit. There's a bus that goes from my local metro station to BWI airport for $5, and then from there I took the light rail the rest of the way. I kind of wonder, how much theft happens on there. I mean, there really isn't a surefire way to make sure you paid. I've heard that they have random fare checkers (I've ridden twice and I've never been asked to show proof). I guess when rides are less than $2, there really isn't a point of stealing rides. Coming back was more expensive, Amtrak isn't cheap, but all in all, I made the trip and back and I only had to sacrifice $35, 35% of my laptop screen and some of my dignity when I tripped infront of a lightrail-ful of people getting off, but I digress...

The turducken was awesome. I wish I took notes when I was eating this. It was just full of awesome that's hard to describe off of memory. I didn't really notice the difference in the meats but it was very filling. It tasted a lot like turkey and chicken, I didn't really notice the duck meat. There was other fixins, stuffing, biscuits, mashed potatoes, which I had and those were delicious. There were some green beans too, I honestly cant remember if I ate them. I was too in love with the turducken to pay attention to healthy vegetables. I finished off three massive plates of turducken and fixins yesterday.

It was a great day. One of the highlights was when Sush (one of the guests) and I were somehow talking about the KKK and how they would be after her as well. And I asked her if she was black and she laughed and said she was Jewish. (I wasn't thinking, I had been drinking all day and half of my blood was busy digesting turducken.) For the record, Sush does not look black or mixed at all.

Another highlight was when the Redskins beat the Cowboys. It was weird, Ashley is a Cowboys fan, and I'm a Redskins fan but each of us thought the opposing team would win. It was like the movie Face-off. I have a list of Top 10 Sporting Events I Have Attended . I do not have one for games I have watched on TV (too many to consider, I've watched over 1,000) but this would probably make it.

It was nice getting something crossed off my bucket list (if one exists) The next thing I hope to cross off is attend a Super Bowl or attend a victorious playoff game for a DC Sports team. I've been to 3 Capitals playoff games and 1 Nationals playoff game, all of them have been losses