Saturday, March 10, 2012

Guys and Sexdolls

So I got blocked on twitter by some dude named Davecat. If you do not know about him, you need to immediately stop what you're doing and watch Guys and Dolls. The documentary, not the Broadway show. If you have 50 minutes to spare, please, watch this.

Now, I'm not going to knock a guy for being horny and solving his hornyness with inanimate objects. And if someone bought me one, I'd probably use it, and LOVE it. But I would never admit to having one, let alone agree to being in a documentary about it, nor would I develop the attachment level these guys have.

But at 6 grand, I'd rather hire a professional instead of fucking a big piece of plastic.And that's not even including shipping or maintenance. If I had an extra 6 grand lying around and my goal was to find "companionship", I would rather try my chances with Backpage and hope one of the girls was hot enough to keep seeing again. I would rather sign up for all of the dating sites that require payment. I could probably find a matchmaker for 5800. That's also enough $ to go to 200 speed dating events. If I can't find a companion after 200 rounds of speed dating, I don't deserve it. But I digress....

So Davecat has a twitter account for himself AND a twitter account for his sexdoll. I don't know what drove me to follow them but I did. Week later, I have no idea what set me off, probably boredom but I tweeted at the sexdoll and called him/her/it/idontknow a pervert. Doll tweeted back "Yes, yes. And you're a twat. Cheers!" and like that, I was blocked by both accounts.

I'm all for being nice to people no matter what their dysfunction is, but the day I'm nice to a person whose claim to fame is him fucking dolls is the day I do not want to see.

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