Monday, January 28, 2013

Catfishing with Sidney Ackerman: Chasing A Mystery

January, 2010 - We agree to go to a Wizards v Lakers game. I love the Wizards and she is a Lakers fan. I offer to buy as a gift for getting me to skins tickets twice, but she says something about how she has a friend working in their ticket office so she'll get really nice for free. If for some reason, that is unable to happen, she found a bunch of $ at post office that no one claimed as missing, she'll use the money to buy great seats.

January 12-26, 2010 - Earthquake happens in Haiti so she and a bunch of nurses from Johns Hopkins go down to help out. She comes back, develops whooping cough goes to the hospital for it and gets treated. Immediately, I'm I let her know that I don't care about the tickets and I just want her to be healthy. She still insists on wanting to go to game, because the Lakers come to DC once a year

January 26, 2010 - Since I know she's been sick, I keep in contact with her via text, make sure she is ok, before I go to the Verizon Center. Her friend that works there is delivering the tickets to her house in Potomac and she will drive down. (Why her friend couldn't leave a ticket in my name and her name in Willcall, I don't know but I did not question it at the time) She calls me, and I hear her coughing really bad so she is in no shape to go but she says her neighbor will deliver the ticket to me. She gives me his number and I call and text to arrange a time and place to meet up as I am already at the Verizon Center. Friend lets me know that he is about to park but after that, he doesn't text/call or return my texts and calls so I end up waiting outside of the Verizon Center. I let Sidney know and she is unable to talk to him but later on he tells her that he could not find me. ( I am a large african american fella and I was wearing an orange Gilbert Arenas jersey, I'm not hard to miss, plus, we have cell phones) Me and Sidney talk about maybe meeting up at a sports bar in the future, but we do not make definite plans.

Spring, Summer , 2010 - We keep talking via text/twitter/DM. Her father had a heart attack in May and died. She and the Redskins player I alluded to early get into an argument about flying her private plane. She mentions how some musician was trying way too to holler at her when she was in Los Angeles (I'd never heard of the guy so I'm not even sure it is worth it to namedrop and I can't even find a wikipedia page for him) and how he dropped off a bunch of dresses and a car at her place after one date. I see that the musician follows her so I assume she is telling the truth. We keep mentioning trying to meet up but no firm plans are made. At one point, I'm at tweet-up and she texts me about wanting to go to a tweet-up but she doesn't come out and I don't go out of my way to try to meet up with her. I know at one point, we talk about Cypress Hill's new album, and she offers to have B-real send me a copy, but I decline.

Week of August 15, 2010 - Sidney pisses off one of my twitter friends with conservative political talk. Somehow I get caught up in the firestorm and Sidney thought I was making fun of her behind her back and we got into a twitter argument. (I don't know, apparently me telling my friend Becky who was bothered by your birther tweets to ignore them, and doing this on a public forum where I know you can see it and then telling you that I did all this when you message me complaining Becky isn't responding to your tweets is talking shit behind your back )She forgave me later that day, but I felt weird how she apologized via text and not on twitter but for a woman that hot and rich, I overlooked it.

September, 2010 - My friend Kevin gets to know Sidney via twitter/text and he won President's Club tickets. He invites me, our common friend Jerry and Sidney.

September 16, 2010 - There is a shooting at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Sidney was a medical student there at the time so I worry about her. I send her texts to make sure she is ok and I do not get any responses. Some of her friends tweet me to see if I know the situation cause I actually live in Maryland, I tell them I have no news. Eventually news is realeased that there is only one self inflicted casualty so I stop worrying about Sidney.

September 23, 2010 - Through casual conversation on twitter, Sidney mentions she has a boyfriend and I make a joke to her that her boyfriend is the musician I alluded to early. She texts me back with the twitter handle of her boyfriend and how he is not her type and how she wants to accidently on purpose sleep with someone just so her boyfriend dumps her. And she also texts me that I should know that she likes black guys. I text back but nothing too intriguing but I do wonder what she meant when she said that she likes black guys

September 25, 2010 - This was the game Kevin won tickets to. He wants us to get there early, so we can enjoy the Presidents Club and walk around on the field as he has pregame field passes. Jerry, Kevin and I arrive early and Sidney calls me and says that her boyfriend stole her keys and that she is waiting for a locksmith and will get here when all of that is done. She doesn't show up. Luckily, we found Tracy, who is also a huge Nats fan and he used Sidney's ticket and left Tracy's ticket for Sidney at Willcall. Later on she texts me with the name and phone number of the locksmith and says I can check if needed (unsolicitad, I believed her. I dont need to check to see if you actually have a locksmith working on your house)

October 2, 2010 - I send Sidney a text about hanging out at Hard Times in Germantown for the Redskins v Eagles game. She says that she is going to Philadelphia for the game (not the first time she has road tripped for a game) but she did offer to drive me up and back to watch the game. I would've had to pay for the ticket but it would've been below face value. I decide not to go because I would be getting home near midnight and I had to wake up at 5:30 to get to work.

October 25, 2010 - Sidney texts and DMs saying that a Redskins player (still in the league but no longer with the Redskins) was coming over to her house. He facebooked her on Friday and they skyped on Saturday. Later on in October, I see that the Redskins player and his friend tweet her and they all follow each other. Also, she sends me a pic of the player in his house (I remember seeing something on tv that the player's gym was a certain color) so this also proves to me that this is true.

November 15, 2010 - I was going to watch the Redskins v Eagles game at a bar with friends but a couple of hours before the game, Sidney texts me and says that she is going to be sitting in a suite and her tickets are available. She offers to hand deliver them to me at the stadium, but I decide not to go because there was bad weather and I knew her track record of her flakiness.

Week of November 28, 2010 - We agree to go to the Redskins v Vikings game together. She agrees to pick me up from home so we can head to the stadium and tailgate together. The day before the game, she is in North Carolina but says that she will be back before the game. The day of the game, she drives back to Maryland at 5 AM takes a nap, but wakes up too late for her nap for her to go to the game.

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