Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Catfishing with Sidney Ackerman: It's Hard to Indistinguish the Invisible from the Nonexistent

January 25, 2011 - A bunch of us decide to meet up in Bethesda at a restaurant. I invite Sidney and she actually agrees to come. The day after she is flying out to Florida or somewhere warm. The week of the event, the DC area was expecting a winter storm, so she tells me that she reschedules her flight for the day of the event. (There legitimately was a snowstorm coming so this did not seem suspicious to me at the time)

Winter/Spring 2011 - My friend Rob develops a plan to guarantee that Sidney doesn't flake. We should ask her if she wants to go to a comedy show months in advance and buy tickets so that she cannot flake out on us. We decide to buy tickets to Patrice O'neal on Friday, April 15. We all anticipate the show, 4 or 5 days she texts me saying that her softball team has a tournament on April 16th so she has to go. She looks into taking a flight in the morning but is unable to. She says that she is going to pay us back double the face value of the ticket since she can't go. I say no, I do not want to seem like an ingrate because she gave me two Redskins tickets no questions asked. Rob ends up selling the extra seat for a profit on Craigslist so it is not like he is out any money. Months later, she asks for my PayPal account and sends me $50.

April, 2011 - Out of nowhere, she mentions that I should come over for dinner at some point during a weekend. I called her out on it once, obviously no dinner happened.

May 4, 2011 - A bunch of my friends go to BGR Dupont to eat a 15.4 pound burger . I invite  Sidney and she says she might drop by the event. Our event ends, she doesn't so I text to see where she's at. She said she ended up at a friend's house in Dupont and is Skyping with a Redskins player who is still on the team. I suggest that we get a drink and she says that she'll be able to meet up in 15 minutes. 15 minutes passes, not there so I text again to see where she was at. She still hadn't left. At that point, I just went home.

Summer, 2011 - We're still in contact. She casually mentions to a common follower (who I have met and can guarantee that she is real) that she is on vacation but when she gets back, she will hold a twitter pool party. Obviously, I'm excited, and I casually bring it up to her a couple times, but nothing gets done.

November 18, 2011 -  Previously that month, we agree to meet up at a lingerie football league game in Baltimore. We text/tweet/DM and I buy tickets for myself and my friend Matt and she decides to buy tickets for her and her friends. I told her that I would buy tickets in a certain section, just to make sure we meet. Day comes, Matt and I go to the event, I send her a text to see where she was at. She texts back saying that she is at BWI picking up her friend and she will be there soon. At halftime, she says she is at the game but she didn't get tickets in our section. I see from the picture Sidney is tweeting that she is on the other side of the arena and I we exchange texts on how she should come over to my section but it doesn't happen. After the game, I hang around hopeful that we meet, she sends me a text that her battery is running low. I call/text but to no avail (I was kind of mad cause if she was with friends, she could've easily gotten my number from her phone and texted using her friend's phone) Matt and I hang out at Hooters for a while then I went home. As I was almost home, Sidney texts that she has a hotel room so if I wanted to get drunk in Baltimore, I would have crash space. (That message did me no good as I was almost home)

November 27, 2011 - Its a normal Sunday, watching football at home and my friend Matt who was following Sidney, decided to unfollow and she got mad. (Personally, if someone I had never met wanted to unfollow me, I would not care, and besides you had 10,000+ followers by then, who cares) And I think it is bad taste to publicly call out your unfollowers. I get a some texts from her. I stay out of it cause I'm not gonna tell a friend who to follow/unfollow. She tweeted something about how I told her that Matt needs help getting girls (I never told her that) and refuses to deny that. Matt's smart so he does not believe her.

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